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Get all of the following plus much much more via SMS. Happiness guaranteed!

Get a full detailed and rich 7 Day weather forecast. No more forgetting your umbrella!


Need to get to the supermarket? Just use Instatext and get accurate turn by turn directions pulled fresh from google maps.


Get caught up with all of your favorite topics from your favorite news networks, We support getting the full article to, not just headlines!


Advertising Rates

Stop wasting time and money with online ads. Use our SMS ad platform to reach thousands of users, expand your business and achive a 5x click rate vs Online ads

Basic - 1 Day


  • Become the sole advertiser for your day
  • High view rate and instant results

Basic - 1 Week


  • Become the sole advertiser for your week
  • High view rate and instant results



  • All the features of Basic
  • Receive a list of all numbers your ad was sent to for follow ups.

Learn how to use InstaText with our easy to use


We are so excited to have you join the Instatext family. Instatext uses a technology called SMS to Email to allow us to reliably run this service. To get started open up the messaging app on your phone and send a text with the word menu to txt@instatext.org Instatext will respond with the help menu and you are ready to get started.

To access the Instatext Help menu, just text in the word help to txt@instatext.org. Instatext will respond with the following help options - 1)News 2)Twitter 3)Weather 4)Directions 5)Sports 6)Shopping 7)Stocks 8)Wikipedia 9)Minyan 10)Zmanim 11)Deals 12)Place 13)phone 14)Joke 15)About. Text in the number for the topic that you want to get help with and instatext will respond with help for that topic, for example for help with news text in 1, for weather text in 3 etc.

With the 2022 midterm elections and the middle east conflicts, it's hard to not to be in the know with the news, so get typing. Enter the name of a news network followed by the desired amount of stories, e.g cnn5 or fox7 or nytimes2 or abc3 or cbs4 or bbc10 (note the max is ten). After receiving the news titles by using the above commands you can view the full article for a specific news item by texting in [NewsNetworkName ItemNumber full] for example to get the full article for item number 7 from fox news text in fox 7 full . To search for a specific topic in the news, enter news followed by the topic i.e news joe biden. To get the full article for number 3 use news joe biden full 3.

To get the last tweet for a username text in get @username. For example to get the last tweet from Elon Musk text in get @elonmusk

For the 7 day forecast enter the word weather followed by a zip code (i.e. Weather 08701).

If you need to get somewhere and you don't have a gps just follow these easy steps:
On the first line enter DD
On the 2nd line enter the address of the location which you are leaving.
On the 3rd line enter the address of your destination. For example
617 6th St, Lakewood, NJ 08701
380 Clifton Ave, Lakewood, NJ 08701
We will send you a step by step guide to your destination along with the estimated time of arrival.

To get the latest sports updates text any one of the four major leages. nba nfl nhl mlb, to get multiple pieces of news, text in the league name followed by the amount you would like to receive e.g nfl10 or nhl3 or mlb6 or nba8 or espn5.
After receiving the sports news titles by using the above commands you can view the full article for a specific sports news item by texting in [SportName ItemNumber full] for example to get the full article for item number 7 from espn text in espn 7 full without the quotes.

Text In shopping followed by the name of the product to go shopping. e.g shopping ipod nano. Please note all results are from ebay, to buy something just go to ebay and search with the same keywords that you searched here.

Stocks have not been implemented yet, they will be implemented soon though.
To get information for a stock text in $ followed by the stock symbol, for example for apple text in $AAPL

There are loads of things you can use an encyclopedia for but they're usually very big. Well...not anymore.
To use our encyclopedia service, just enter wiki followed by the subject, topic, place or thing. For bill gates text in wiki bill gates.

Minyanim are not implemented yet, please check back later.

Wanna daven vasikin today? Ye,i didn't think so, but it's good for sof zman k"s.
For the day's zmanim just enter zmanim followed by a zip code (i.e. Zmanim 10901..

To get the latest deals text in dansdeals3 or slickdeals3. To get more then 3 deals, text in the name of the deal site followed by the number of deals that you want e.g dansdeals5 or slickdeals6.
To get deals for a specific product, text in searchdeals followed by the product, i.e searchdeals laptop.

Wanna know a place's address?
Just enter place followed by an actual place, (i.e. Place pallisades mall)
For more accurate results add a city or zip code after the place's name (i.e. place bagel nosh lakewood)..

To search for a phone number enter phone followed by the name of the business followed, by the city, state or county that its in, (and yes the city state or county must be entered), e.g phone bmg lakewood.

To get a random joke just text in joke.


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Having trouble believing how good Instatext is? Let us expell your doubts with some real reviews from real users.

“From the first time I used Instatext, it just unlocked so much power for SMS. From weather, sports, directions, to news. Instatext is now the main way I get my information.”

Moishe Kotler
CEO Kotler Roofing

“Instatext got me driving directions when I went over my data limit on my cellphone plan. A lifesaver.”

Thomas Martin
Instatext User

“I remember using CHACHA back in the day to get weather via text. Instatext is CHACHA, but a musculer 21st century powerhouse version of it.”

Eli Brody
Software Engineer

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Mordy Feifer

CEO and Founder

Shmuel Berger

Backend Engineer

Chaya Silverberg

Front End And Marketing Specialist


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